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Just what in tarnation, you may ask, is OlGrayMare.com

More accurately, who is ol’ gray mare.  That would be the nickname of author, Pam Ingebritson, that is, me, the one talking at you.  With a name like Ingebritson, a nickname seems in order, yes?

If you are visiting this site on purpose, Thank You!  Read on and be amused.  If you’ve beamed in by accident, since you’re already here, why not stay another minute, check out the Synopsis of Chancey Double-Back, a murder mystery of the ‘cozy’ variety, set in the high desert southwest, mountain foothills area near Ruidoso, New Mexico (a Sierra Blanca mountain setting resort area, and quarter horse-racing and gambling town, for the uninitiated).  If the synopsis piques your interest, download one or all of the sample chapters available here.  And if these chapters entice you further, check out the Booksellers page to see where you may purchase Chancey Double-Back.  Not a murder mystery fan?  Betcha know someone who loves mysteries, cozies, westerns, the desert southwest, horses, family sagas, all things western, or, well, you get my drift.  Anyway, please pass the word (that word would be olgraymare.com) to any and all you might know who’d enjoy Chancey Double-Back (and thanks!).

Forget the story.  Perhaps you’ve always been intrigued by the west, and New Mexico in particular.  Click on the Taste of New Mexico page to see (and link to) other information on New Mexico, items of interest, and artifacts sure to catch your fancy.

Most importantly, I’d like to know about you and what you think.  I would appreciate your willingness to tell me about your interests, how you happened to come to olgraymare.com, etc., and, if you'd like, to give me your thoughts on the Synopsis and/or opening chapters of Chancey Double-Back, available below.  If you’ll oblige me, please click here. Can’t wait to hear from you.  Gracias Amigos/Amigas!

ol' gray mare

Chancey Double-Back


CHANCEY DOUBLE-BACK is a classic but distinctively twisty saga of the power of loyal friendships, blood ties, humility, and forgiveness. Two families of different classes, whose lives have been deceptively intertwined, are suddenly confronted with the long-buried sins that scattered them years ago, and steered them onto rugged life paths.

Chancey village in Lincoln County New Mexico, nearby to the rich and respectable resort/gambling town of Ruidoso, is a peaceful place in the 21st century.  Billy the Kid-type vigilantism and Lincoln County war casual violence are long past.  No longer do outlaws find safe haven in this remote territory, nor is bloody range-warring and political power-mongering part of everyday life.  Not on the surface, anyway...  The unexplained murder of the troubled Sullivan family’s evil patriarch exposes a long-hidden, complex entanglement involving his daughters, Gina and Melanie, and their wealthy cattle-ranching neighbors, Eric and Bridget Nielsen. While investigating the puzzling murder that seems a throwback to 19th century New Mexico, Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Robbie Amante Jenkins launches a risky plan to reunite the estranged Sullivan sisters and bring Gina back together with Samantha, the daughter she left behind.  But even the visionary Robbie doesn’t foresee the heights to which her plan will flare, igniting a chancy situation for the Nielsens, one they never dared hope for again.

The story quickly reveals multi-layers of compelling connections amongst characters, and newly spawned dilemmas. Blending mysterious turns with inspirational elements, the story examines lost and regained trust, parental love, ‘tough’ friendship, and the power of faith – in God, in true friends, and in oneself. Ultimately, the lessons learned by the adults are inspired by the wisdom and strength of character shown by the one whose life has been the most impacted by their weaknesses and mistakes: the child, Samantha.

Chancey Double-Back Chapter Samples: